Bullying at School

With school back this week I think it might be interesting to discuss just how kinesiology can help your child feel more happy and confidant at school.

It is common for children to have problems with other children at school, they may feel anxious at school or about going to school. They may have problems with other individuals and feel powerless to speak or to be themselves.

Individual circumstances are all different but generally a good place to start is a goal balance around a positive affirmation such as

“ I am respected by my school friends”

Kinesiology is a tool to build mind body connection using gentle non invasive techniques with the aim to make a weakened muscle around this statement (perhaps not a statement they agree with) to a strong muscle ( a statement they do agree with) therefore empowering the child in the situation to gain control over a worrying situation previously out of their control.

Children of all ages can be helped by these simple techniques as well as teenagers and adults .

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General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)

I don’t think you can under rate the stress we cope with on a daily basis with causing many of the illnesses we cope with in our lives. In Kinesioology we learn about the General Adaption Syndrome (GAS) the predicable nature of long term and short term stress.  Dr Hans Selye (1907-1982) wrote about stress as a major cause of disease and wrote about the 3 stages the body goes through to adapt.

Alarm – sympathetic nervous system fight or flight, adrenal insufficiency.

Resistance – Body compensates for stress forming a holding pattern retaining stress within.

Exhaustion – the stress continues beyond the bodies capacity to cope and illness forms.

‘’Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older” Hans Selye MD PHD

In kinesiology I use an emotion from the 5 element chart along with a clear affirmation or statement of what it is you hope to achieve by clearing issues. So with every balance the body has a little bit less stress. Bring back the balance into your life.

Both Kinesiology and Remedial Massage can help you to feel like you again.

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Happy New Year

2016 has been a year of completion for many, being the end of a 9 year Numerology cycle.

2017 is in many ways is a new beginning. Year 1 in the next 9 year cycle.

May 2017 be the beginning of a wonderful new cycle and lay the foundations for some awesome life experiences .

Wishing you all, all the health, wealth and happiness possible for 2017 and into the future .

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Remedial Massage v Kinesiology

Feminine mosaic on display in the garden

Back Pain

Back pain is a complaint I deal with on a daily basis as a Remedial Massage Therapist and a Kinesiologist.

I just want to explain the two different methods I use and how they can effectively deal with a common complaint.


Firstly as a Remedial Massage Therapist searching for the area of discomfort . I take note of posture as someone walks through the door, I look for symmetry or lack of symmetry . I take a full medical history including recent pain but also listening for past illnesses or accidents which may be grounds for further investigation. I work above and below the area indicated where the pain is coming from looking for over tight or weak muscles. If a client has a definite spinal problem such as scoliosis or herniated disc I would incorporate Craniosacral Therapy.  My particular favourite is working with scar tissue or fascia because the results can be highly rewarding.


Kinesiology like Remedial Massage I take a full client history with slightly more details. I ask if the client has ever had a Kinesiology session before and explain how I do a muscle test.  A muscle test can tell me if there is a reactive situation happening between muscles which particular muscle is too tight and which muscles have turned off and not working to provide support.  A muscle test can tell me whether massage is appropriate , Cranoisacral , acupressure and which particular points, if there is a scoliosis pattern involved, how the pelvis is sitting, if the TMJ is involved or a local balance is required. Kinesiology can tell me how the energy is flowing often the meridian called the Governing Vessel has restricted flow and this can leave us feeling unsupported in life. The other part of the body that needs looking at for a back problem is the core muscles and how they contribute to you feeling supported and your posture. Kinesiology can provide a plan for what can be done to improve flow and general wellbeing sometimes with massage , nutrition, colour, sound or even an essence to increase the feeing of support.

Both Remedial Massage and Kinesiology provide great options to improve range of movement and reduce pain levels.

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Brain Integration

Kinesiology can help children and adults diagnosed with ADHD and other brain integration difficulties by assessing how well the back and the front of the body work in unison. Cooperation of the body and in particular strengthening muscle tone along the spine to improve posture  can sometimes be useful . If primitive or postural reflexes have not properly developed or else been retained (not switched off at the appropriate time) this can cause problems with focus, behavior issues and more.

Kinesiology uses simple exercises to help restore brain integration as well as stress and emotional diffusion techniques for more access to mental energy allowing people to cope with life in a happier more resourceful way.

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Feeling Burnt out? 11 ways to Replenish your energy levels.

Feeling Burnt out? 11 ways to Replenish your energy levels.




  1. Remedial Massage soothes sore muscles and provides a welcome escape for busy minds.
  2. Friendship, spend time with people who value your spirit.
  3. Laughter, a good belly laugh shakes your insides in a good way and stimulates feel good endorphins.
  4. Exercise, increases energy and motivation.
  5. Stretching, finds new muscles and muscles hold emotion.
  6. Meditate, a quiet mind feels inspired.
  7. Get enough sleep. My MBI Peace essence or chamomile tea can be helpful.
  8. Take a bath with Epson salts, helps to replace magnesium in sore muscles.
  9. Water
  10. Garden, plants can be very healing and grounding.
  11. Sunshine and fresh air, provide vitamin D and oxygen to your cells.

Carpel tunnel vs. Tendonitis

Carpel  tunnel vs. Tendonitis


Carpel tunnel and wrist tendonitis are both conditions which may affect the wrist with pain and inflammation.  Lack of hand strength , tingling, shooting pain , aching , decreased range of motion, numbness all are possible symptoms .

Both are overuse condition, or repetitive strain injury and can definitely be reversed. Both respond well respond well to both rest and massage.

Tendonitis is when the tendons of the wrists become over worked and inflamed there may be small rips and irritation in any of the muscles and tendons . When you overuse your muscles you also  overuse your tendons. So with tight muscles there is more friction in the forearm leading to pain and irritation and this often mimics carpel tunnel.

Carpel tunnel is very specific occurs when the (medial) nerve (thumb , index and middle finger ) or (ulnar ) nerve , Hamate syndrome (ring and little finger)  become trapped by the inflammation. This nerve entrapment causes pain in the wrist , hand and sometimes can send referral pain in the elbow and shoulder.

Massage can help weakness and compression syndromes by relaxing and soothing the muscles.  I use a particular technique called myofascial release technique which aims’ to create more space in the fascia and therefore release the nerve entrapment.

Nutritionally as well you can support yourself by increasing your intake of vitamin b6. I always like to give some form of diet advice so that you can best empower yourself.

Hands and wrists metaphorically speaking are often about what cant you handle? Grasping? Holding onto? Metaphors can help with emotional understanding of illness. A holistic approach can provide more insight to why something is happening and how we can work towards better health.

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