Why do I need Kinesiology?

Kinesiology helps to restore health by balancing the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

So physically it can help with aches and pains. By circuit locating muscles which are reactive. A reactive muscle is a muscle behaving too strong (bully) while other muscles are switched off and not doing their job at all. When this situation is reversed it restores normal muscle tone. Trigger points also can be helped as well by targeting specific lympatic flow assisting knots to be released usually without the pain of deep tissue massage.

Mentaly, Kinesiology can help with anxiety, addictions, depression, obsessions and phobias.

On an emotionally level Kinesiology can help devellop self confidence, goal setting, strong relationships, self empowerment, creativity,  or improve work, sports, or school performance.

The mind body connection is amazing and you can start feeling empowereded by seeking out what information your body has to share with you.

I love sharing the pictures of Beth Flynn please enjoy this anatony drawing recently completed at the National Art School.

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Brain Integration

Kinesiology can help children and adults diagnosed with ADHD and other brain integration difficulties by assessing how well the back and the front of the body work in unison. Cooperation of the body and in particular strengthening muscle tone along the spine to improve posture  can sometimes be useful . If primitive or postural reflexes have not properly developed or else been retained (not switched off at the appropriate time) this can cause problems with focus, behavior issues and more.

Kinesiology uses simple exercises to help restore brain integration as well as stress and emotional diffusion techniques for more access to mental energy allowing people to cope with life in a happier more resourceful way.

For more detailed assessment book in for a Kinesiology session

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Feeling Burnt out? 11 ways to Replenish your energy levels.

Feeling Burnt out? 11 ways to Replenish your energy levels.




  1. Remedial Massage soothes sore muscles and provides a welcome escape for busy minds.
  2. Friendship, spend time with people who value your spirit.
  3. Laughter, a good belly laugh shakes your insides in a good way and stimulates feel good endorphins.
  4. Exercise, increases energy and motivation.
  5. Stretching, finds new muscles and muscles hold emotion.
  6. Meditate, a quiet mind feels inspired.
  7. Get enough sleep. My MBI Peace essence or chamomile tea can be helpful.
  8. Take a bath with Epson salts, helps to replace magnesium in sore muscles.
  9. Water
  10. Garden, plants can be very healing and grounding.
  11. Sunshine and fresh air, provide vitamin D and oxygen to your cells.