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Bullying at School

With school back this week I think it might be interesting to discuss just how kinesiology can help your child feel more happy and confidant at school.

It is common for children to have problems with other children at school, they may feel anxious at school or about going to school. They may have problems with other individuals and feel powerless to speak or to be themselves.

Individual circumstances are all different but generally a good place to start is a goal balance around a positive affirmation such as

“ I am respected by my school friends”

Kinesiology is a tool to build mind body connection using gentle non invasive techniques with the aim to make a weakened muscle around this statement (perhaps not a statement they agree with) to a strong muscle ( a statement they do agree with) therefore empowering the child in the situation to gain control over a worrying situation previously out of their control.

Children of all ages can be helped by these simple techniques as well as teenagers and adults .

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