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Carpel tunnel vs. Tendonitis

Carpel  tunnel vs. Tendonitis

Carpel tunnel and wrist tendonitis are both conditions which may affect the wrist with pain and inflammation.  Lack of hand strength , tingling, shooting pain , aching , decreased range of motion, numbness all are possible symptoms .

Both are overuse condition, or repetitive strain injury and can definitely be reversed. Both respond well respond well to both rest and massage.

Tendonitis is when the tendons of the wrists become over worked and inflamed there may be small rips and irritation in any of the muscles and tendons . When you overuse your muscles you also  overuse your tendons. So with tight muscles there is more friction in the forearm leading to pain and irritation and this often mimics carpel tunnel.

Carpel tunnel is very specific occurs when the (medial) nerve (thumb , index and middle finger ) or (ulnar ) nerve , Hamate syndrome (ring and little finger)  become trapped by the inflammation. This nerve entrapment causes pain in the wrist , hand and sometimes can send referral pain in the elbow and shoulder.

Massage can help weakness and compression syndromes by relaxing and soothing the muscles.  I use a particular technique called myofascial release technique which aims’ to create more space in the fascia and therefore release the nerve entrapment.

Nutritionally as well you can support yourself by increasing your intake of vitamin b6. I always like to give some form of diet advice so that you can best empower yourself.

Hands and wrists metaphorically speaking are often about what cant you handle? Grasping? Holding onto? Metaphors can help with emotional understanding of illness. A holistic approach can provide more insight to why something is happening and how we can work towards better health.

I am available for remedial massage by appointment.  Mind Body Integration 33 fourth st Lithgow 0448513171


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