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Pec Major Sternal

All three Pecs Muscles, Pec Major Sternal (PMS), Pec Major Clavicular (PMC) and, Pectoralis Minor are very interesting but the Pec Major Sternal (PMS) in particular seems to go weak for a lot for people and some of that maybe caused by lifestyle factors.

So the pectoralis major muscle is divided into Pec clavicular (PMC) which lies on stomach meridian and Pec Major Sternal (PMS) which is one of the of the main liver meridian muscles.

There is also the pec minor which is deeper still and has nerves running to the arm and can get congested if lymphatics are not flowing smoothly in the area. Is a breathing muscle and associated with the lung meridian.

Functionally the pec major sternal moves the arm inwards and draws arm and shoulder forward. If too contracted it will cause the shoulders to roll too far forward.

If PMS is weak or not working effectively some of the problems that can be experienced are headaches, sensitivity to light, immune problems , liver conditions,  or glaucoma.

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) works from a deeper understanding of human experience than does a more western approach. In TCM the PMS works in the liver meridian related muscle group. From the TCM approach the liver meridian is related to growth, flexibility and adaptability.  Bringing in a feeling of confidence and being understood and included can strengthen the liver meridian.

Lifestyle has a big part to play.  Fried, sweet foods, caffeine and carbonated drinks can all have a negative effect on the PMS. And if you are waking constantly of a night time between 1am and 3pm take a good look at your diet particularly of a night time to ensure you are digesting food and adapting to the days challenges. Or your liver meridian can have you up thinking about it.

Foods that will strengthen the PMS are green leafy vegies, parsley, vitamin A and rose hip tea.

To help your PMS to function more effectivly Kinesiology is a good option. Mind Body Integration, 33 Fourth St South Littleton. 0448513171


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