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Think less Feel More

Think less and feel more .  Your mind may be working overtime needlessly.

In life we are always attracting experiences into our life both positive and negative. The key is to always keep moving,  the best you can, towards positive experiences .

Kinesiology allows you to achieve congruency between mind and body and by making statements that your body is congruent with helps you bring this experience into your life.

Here is a list of possible goal balances.


Self Acceptance

I fully accept myself now and always


I have committed loving relationships in my life.


I focus my energies on regaining my health


I am open to new career possibilities


I choose to release all addictions which are a substitute for self love

Personal power

I worry less about what others think and allow myself to do what makes me happy.


I make the commitment to myself to stay grounded at all times.


I release excess fear around healthy weigh and allow my body to return it its ideal weight.

©Beth Flynn
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