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‘All disease begins in the gut”

‘All disease begins in the gut” is a quote from Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates more than 2500 years ago. As time passes modern studies have shown much of this statement to be correct at least for many chronic diseases.

We are learning a great deal of how gut bacteria can affect your health and how increasing the good bacteria in your gut can offer health benefits.

The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system and has the second largest microbiome community in the body.

Most people know poor diet choices like simple carbs and sugar, white flour and processed food are bad for your teeth but these foods are actually damaging or reducing the good microbiome which in turn can damage the teeth and cause tooth decay. Poor oral Microbiome can go beyond the mouth and leak into the digestive system causing a host of more serious heath problems.

A balanced diet with diverse, healthy vegetables can improve health. Vegies like chicory, dandelion greens, onions, garlic and banana’s are good prebiotic sources. Probiotics like fermented foods are all good choices to build gut flora. So the healthier your mouth the healthier your gut.

As a kinesiologist I can see the benefit of improving the alignment of the muscles of the throat, jaw, tongue, for more efficient chewing and producing saliva for oral health and digestion.

Taking the time to chew and swallow the food and making the effort to eat healthy foods as well as taking the time eat slowly and not eating on the run can all make a difference to how well your body is able to digest food.

Several studies suggest that ancient Ayurveda technique called oil pulling can be beneficial to oral health. Although sesame oil is traditional. The most common oil used for oil pulling is coconut oil as it has a good vitamin E content.

Oil pulling is when 1 tablespoon of coconut oil is swished around the mouth first thing on a morning on an empty stomach for a period of around 10 minutes before being washed down the sink. and washing your mouth out with water. The process acts a a natural mouth wash and helps to neutralise bad bacteria.

The other important thing to note is swishing muscles around and mouth are useful exercise for the masticating or chewing muscles of the face and jaw and gargling is good for the throat and digestion.

Here are some kinesiology goals that may help to balance the digestive system

  • My inner health is a reflection of my overall heathy lifestyle.
  • I nourish my body with a healthy balanced diet.
  • I safely release bad bacteria and increase good bacteria in my mouth and digestive system.
  • My teeth are healthy and strong.


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