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Breathing for Relaxation

Breathing is fundamental to living and its our most natural instinct. But to breath deeply, slowly and smoothly is almost and art that brings enormous benefits to our mental state and wellbeing.

So if we cannot breath properly it can be difficult to release stress and fully relax. To breath deeply oxygenates the blood and allows a full range of expression and a clearer head.

So when we are not calm we tend to hyperventilate causing too much carbon dioxide to leave the blood stream and this can cause all sorts of physical and psychological symptoms such as dizziness and panic attacks. In a panicked state we breath more quickly.

It may really be stating the obvious, but air is such an essential element to being human and to make the most of breathing by breathing deeply and evenly can be essential to bring a sense of calm and being able to relax the mind.

There are 2 types of breathing. Shallow, or costal, breathing where the air enters the upper chest and upper lungs and abdominal, or diaphragmatic, breathing where the diaphragm contracts and air enter the lower lungs.

Costal breathing can be a natural response to stress. When we learn to manage our breathing and make sure we are abdominal breathing we can bring calm and clarity to mind and body.

We can use visualisations such as this one to learn to breath fully and deeply.

Breathing slowly and deliberately imagine every deep breath inwards that your entire body is calm centred and beginning to unwind. By closing your eyelids and resting your eyes deep relaxation flows over your entire body. Each breath is  releasing and letting go of tension through out your body. Where there is tensions direct your breath and feel release and lightness and pleasure. As cool clean air reaches your diaphragm your body begins to open up to the feeling of relation.

As you breath deeply imagine a cool green colour deeply penetrating your throat entering your lungs and soothing your heart. As your continue to breath slowly and deliberately this beautiful green energy is wrapping around and soothing each vertebra of your spine and opening your pelvis. The  connection of your throat and pelvis allows freedom of breath and relaxation.


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