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Today is International Women’s Day

As women taking control and learning to design a life where we naturally attract positive relationships, perceiving our own value and being true to our own wisdom.  Kinesiology can help to improve overall wellness, confidence and happiness today and every day.

Acting with self esteem in both our private and professional roles and not allowing fear to hold back from the life we want for ourselves.

Kinesiology helps to dissolve negative self talk by releasing what is necessary for happiness.

Here is a list of positive affirmations which would be great as goal statements.

I have the willpower to break abusive cycles.

I am able to receive without conditions.

I release the need for approval from others.

I attract loving people into my life.

I am at ease with, myself now and always

Abundance Today is International Women’s Day , March 8.

flows into every area of my life.

My body has the freedom of movement.

I am responsible for my personal growth.

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