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Preventive Health

What can you do to optimise your health into the future?

How can you deal with stress now and prevent it from escalating into health problems?

How can looking after your own needs make sure you are physically and emotionally available to those you love in the present but also into the future?

There are many reasons we don’t seek out the benefits of preventive health until someday something goes wrong.

I offer some really good options for someone wishing to take care of themselves and optimise their health in Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage , and Kinesiology.  All of these modalities when maintained and enjoyed will have you feeling better and on a path towards greater personal power and happiness.

Remedial Massage can reduce muscle tension, reduce stress hormones , improve joint mobility improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries. Remedial massage can helpful for those suffering with insomnia,  migraines, arthritis and other acute and chronic painful conditions . Overall just maintaining healthy muscle tone is good for posture and vitality as we age.

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to identity physical, chemical, nutritional and emotional imbalances in the body and treats the body as a whole. Kinesiology can help with overcoming emotional , physical or mental stress, help with releasing fears and phobias, addictions, overcoming past trauma, enhanced learning abilities identifying where nutrition can help balance muscle tone.


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