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With the new year fast approaching it is time to make some positive changes and rise to the challenge of being the best version of yourself.

It’s a challenge we set most years but do we often achieve it?

This year to ensure our success we need to use the tools from our own personal toolbox and learn improved techniques to create better health, wealth and experiences for ourselves.

Learning is triggered by being able to focus our attention on a combination of meaningful events over time. This creates lasting changes thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain. Put simply it’s brain training.

Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to learn, adapt and change over time. The brain is a bit like a house plant, given the right conditions it can thrive.

Water, nourishing food, nourishing experiences, human connection, sleep and resilience all add to the right conditions and enhance our feeling of wellbeing so we can attract more of the same.


To help people realize their goals I introduced the Mind Body intuitive goal cards and intuitive perfume.

Other forms of affirmations have been used with varying degrees of success for a number of years and their success mostly depends of a persons ability to make the skill real for them.

The one dimensional nature of a goal card means the attempt at change is usually suspended without too much effort and therefore does not have a great deal of influence on your psyche.

The problem these standard goal affirmation techniques have is the delay in reward. They require effort to do but it takes time before you see the benefits. Much of the brains ability to adapt and change is dependent on the ability to receive an instant pleasure response, (there are plenty of guilty pleasures out there all of which give that instant pleasure, and that’s the reason there are so many unhealthy addictions. But that’s another story)

Knowing this there are things we can use to trick the brain with an immediate pleasure response to lock it in while it’s waiting for a long term benefit.

Sound is one tool. Smell is another.

With this in mind I have created my range of perfumes and colognes linked to my intuitive goal cards.

The goals are focus on addictions, shock , growth and, self worth and the perfumes contain my own blend of essences and essential oils to create a aroma that is specific to the goal card.

The Mind Body perfume range gives the user the a self paced tool to have the power to improve their overall outlook and wellbeing. The aroma of the perfume gives the instant pleasure response and connects the words of the card to the intent of the day.

As a Kinesiologist I am all about congruency and this is a wonderful tool to add to your other skills so you have what it takes to achieve this year resolution.




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  1. Sue

    I am currently using the affirmation card and perfume “Just too Divine.” They are amazing and have helped me with my feelings of low self-worth.

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