Today is International Women’s Day

As women taking control and learning to design a life where we naturally attract positive relationships, perceiving our own value and being true to our own wisdom.  Kinesiology can help to improve overall wellness, confidence and happiness today and every day.

Acting with self esteem in both our private and professional roles and not allowing fear to hold back from the life we want for ourselves.

Kinesiology helps to dissolve negative self talk by releasing what is necessary for happiness.

Here is a list of positive affirmations which would be great as goal statements.

I have the willpower to break abusive cycles.

I am able to receive without conditions.

I release the need for approval from others.

I attract loving people into my life.

I am at ease with, myself now and always

Abundance Today is International Women’s Day , March 8.

flows into every area of my life.

My body has the freedom of movement.

I am responsible for my personal growth.

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Emotional Vs Physical Health

When considering emotional wellness it isn’t very different than physical health.

In kinesiology I use a 5 element emotion chart which finds it roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In TCM they have an emotion for each of the bodies organs for example the liver corresponds to the emotion anger and it’s said that too much built up anger can affect the healthy functioning of the liver. While it’s said that grief affects the lungs. Have you ever felt sick to the stomach with worry or weak at the knees, knees can represent pride and ego , the inability to bend and can often be linked with unbalanced kidney energy.

Emotions affect our thoughts, feeling and beliefs and Kinesiology borrows that idea from TCM and uses the emotion to get to the core of issues.

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Think less Feel More

Think less and feel more .  Your mind may be working overtime needlessly.

In life we are always attracting experiences into our life both positive and negative. The key is to always keep moving,  the best you can, towards positive experiences .

Kinesiology allows you to achieve congruency between mind and body and by making statements that your body is congruent with helps you bring this experience into your life.

Here is a list of possible goal balances.


Self Acceptance

I fully accept myself now and always


I have committed loving relationships in my life.


I focus my energies on regaining my health


I am open to new career possibilities


I choose to release all addictions which are a substitute for self love

Personal power

I worry less about what others think and allow myself to do what makes me happy.


I make the commitment to myself to stay grounded at all times.


I release excess fear around healthy weigh and allow my body to return it its ideal weight.

©Beth Flynn

Bullying at School

With school back this week I think it might be interesting to discuss just how kinesiology can help your child feel more happy and confidant at school.

It is common for children to have problems with other children at school, they may feel anxious at school or about going to school. They may have problems with other individuals and feel powerless to speak or to be themselves.

Individual circumstances are all different but generally a good place to start is a goal balance around a positive affirmation such as

“ I am respected by my school friends”

Kinesiology is a tool to build mind body connection using gentle non invasive techniques with the aim to make a weakened muscle around this statement (perhaps not a statement they agree with) to a strong muscle ( a statement they do agree with) therefore empowering the child in the situation to gain control over a worrying situation previously out of their control.

Children of all ages can be helped by these simple techniques as well as teenagers and adults .

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General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)

I don’t think you can under rate the stress we cope with on a daily basis with causing many of the illnesses we cope with in our lives. In Kinesioology we learn about the General Adaption Syndrome (GAS) the predicable nature of long term and short term stress.  Dr Hans Selye (1907-1982) wrote about stress as a major cause of disease and wrote about the 3 stages the body goes through to adapt.

Alarm – sympathetic nervous system fight or flight, adrenal insufficiency.

Resistance – Body compensates for stress forming a holding pattern retaining stress within.

Exhaustion – the stress continues beyond the bodies capacity to cope and illness forms.

‘’Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older” Hans Selye MD PHD

In kinesiology I use an emotion from the 5 element chart along with a clear affirmation or statement of what it is you hope to achieve by clearing issues. So with every balance the body has a little bit less stress. Bring back the balance into your life.

Both Kinesiology and Remedial Massage can help you to feel like you again.

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Carpel tunnel vs. Tendonitis

Carpel  tunnel vs. Tendonitis


Carpel tunnel and wrist tendonitis are both conditions which may affect the wrist with pain and inflammation.  Lack of hand strength , tingling, shooting pain , aching , decreased range of motion, numbness all are possible symptoms .

Both are overuse condition, or repetitive strain injury and can definitely be reversed. Both respond well respond well to both rest and massage.

Tendonitis is when the tendons of the wrists become over worked and inflamed there may be small rips and irritation in any of the muscles and tendons . When you overuse your muscles you also  overuse your tendons. So with tight muscles there is more friction in the forearm leading to pain and irritation and this often mimics carpel tunnel.

Carpel tunnel is very specific occurs when the (medial) nerve (thumb , index and middle finger ) or (ulnar ) nerve , Hamate syndrome (ring and little finger)  become trapped by the inflammation. This nerve entrapment causes pain in the wrist , hand and sometimes can send referral pain in the elbow and shoulder.

Massage can help weakness and compression syndromes by relaxing and soothing the muscles.  I use a particular technique called myofascial release technique which aims’ to create more space in the fascia and therefore release the nerve entrapment.

Nutritionally as well you can support yourself by increasing your intake of vitamin b6. I always like to give some form of diet advice so that you can best empower yourself.

Hands and wrists metaphorically speaking are often about what cant you handle? Grasping? Holding onto? Metaphors can help with emotional understanding of illness. A holistic approach can provide more insight to why something is happening and how we can work towards better health.

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