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Just too Divine 50ml

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Just too Divine

Just too Divine

Just too Divine is based on the affirmation

“I make decisions based on self worth’

‘I have clarity and the ability to respond in adult to situations.’

‘I have meaningful conversations and relationships with others’

Just too Divine is sweet and citrusy. Patchouli and Benzoin combine as base notes and Jasmine as a heart note so its a little more feminine although Jasmine can be equally as seductive essential oil for men and is called ‘King of Flowers’ and known for its romantic qualities. The top note qualities of Lemon and Lime are immediately enlivening and able to give you a boost.

Useful to help bring self worth to individuals or bring balance to romantic relationships.

Spray on The Solar Plexus and sacral Chakra and on the wrists for the most benefit and enjoy.

Always see a heath care professional when required.

Do not use when pregnant or on broken skin.

All fragrances come with collectable affirmation cards displaying the essence on which they are based. There are 4 to collect and more in the pipeline.

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