It’s not all Black and White Cologne Perfume


Its not all Black and White


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Its not all Black and White

It’s not All Black and White Cologne is made with the intent

” I make rational, resourceful and responsible choices”

“I am able to challenge my neural pathways to dispel addictions and bring joy and power to myself.”

“I make decisions in my own best interests”

With a combination of Frankincense,  and Sandalwood essential oils at its base this cologne is already powerful affect on our mental , emotional and physical wellbeing.

Its a light fragrance with mid tones of Eucalyptus and Rose Damask of a lift and add some heart along with Dill and Lime to refresh and finish the scent.

I’m calling it a cologne but again all the tones change person to person and unisex nature of the fragrance lends itself to anyone wanting subtle support in their lives.

Spray on your solar plexus and sacral chakra for support and on your wrists to enjoy the  scent as it changes on the skin.

Do not use is your are pregnant or on broken skin. If you have any irritation discontinue use.



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