Fire and Grace Cologne Perfume


Fire and Grace Cologne 50ml

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Fire and Grace Cologne Perfume

This is the Foundational Essence Instilled Cologne.

Fire and Grace holds the character of the goal.

“I have unwavering confidence in who I am, what I accept from others and what I give out to the world.”

“I trust myself to make good decisions and trust others for connection and support’

This perfume is home made from a mix of essential oils and my own Essence of Fire and Grace in a base of fractionated coconut oil and Perfumers Alcohol.

Fire and Grace will give the initial burst of fragrance from the alcohol that people are used to and a softness of the oil that lasts on the skin and changes notes over time. As well as a vibrational quality of the goal to support anyone wishing for vibrational support, or to trigger the positive affirmation upon using.

The fragrance is earthy and is most probably geared to a more masculine scent. However I’m trying to be gender neutral as I believe the affirmation and the scents can be worn by anyone. I highly recommend spraying on your solar plexus and sacral charkas as well as the wrists and enjoy.

Fire and Grace Cologne comes with a collectable Goal Card in which there are 4 to collect in my initial launch and more cards and fragrances to come as I learn and grow. The art work on the Cards is from my daughter Beth Flynn and myself.

As all of my fragrances I do not recommend using them if you are pregnant or on broken skin or if you have a reaction discontinue use.

Fire and Grace Cologne Perfume   Fire and Grace Cologne Perfume


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