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Learning to Relax

Learning to Relax

Learning to relax in our modern world can be challenging.

Our body and state of mind are often telling us to make a change and take some time out.

But taking the time to listen to the body and making the commitment is often difficult.

Triggers for stress often happen over a period of time, we work long hours, we have pressure from home and work as well as the stress of living in our busy world such as road rage and cyber bullying  which can be totally unique to the present time.. So we feel we need to think quicker, work harder and excel in all areas.

So stress causes our bodies to react increasing hormone and adrenaline levels which is the fight or flight mechanism which diverts blood from the brain so the body is ready to deal with the perceived danger.

We often believe to some extent that we work better under pressure and this may be true for short term gains but consistently relying on this pressure to preform is ultimately very taxing for the body and can push us to breaking point.

So eventually hopefully we decide to revaluate our priorities and take the time out to learn to relax.

As a Remedial massage therapist and Kinesiologist I use both these modalities to bring back peace and calm but these are just the beginning of what people can do to learn how to help themselves. By taking the responsibility back and plan and prioritise your own needs you can not only reduce the impact stress has on your life but be of benefit and more available to those around you.

I will be adding from time to time more information on creating calm and stillness  to our mind and body along with different art pieces that either myself or my daughter has created .

Please feel free to leave positive comments as the content is all my own and it takes time and effort. But use it to help yourself and clear your head and improve your wellbeing.

For more information or to book an appointment or to purchase artwork ph 0448513171 Mind Body Integration 33 Fourth St South Littleton.


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