Head and Neck

The Neck


The neck is a very interesting part of the body, and a very common place to find tension.

The structure of the head and neck itself is often described as like a bowling ball on a stick as the weight of the occipital is supported by the atlas bone which is much smaller in comparison. With chronic stress the occipital/atlas relationship can become misaligned causing muscles and connective tissue to become taut  increasing the difficulty to keep the neck straight and causing pain. With neck pain the body tends to reduce mobility and increase rigidity.

The neck by design is one of the most flexible joints in the body useful to see in all directions around you in order to respond easily to life and keep yourself safe. Chronic stress can limit your range of motion which can keep the body in a permanent  hyper anxiety state where the body retains the flight or fight response so muscles and connective tissues are always ready for action. This can cause fatigue throughout the entire body.

When forces from injury, disease or bad posture are not processed by the nervous system they imprint on your bodies structure , fluid and fields. The cerebral spinal fluid (CFS) fluid that surrounds the cranium, spinal cord and sacrum flows in a natural spiral pattern called a ‘helical flow” . The nutrient rich fluid must retain the spiral pattern to  affectively deliver nutrients and absorbs waste.  Compression of vertebral discs and imprinted trauma can limit flow resulting in a stressed state.

Lastly there 12 pairs of cranial nerves that lead from the brain to various parts of the head neck and trunk. Rigidity in the neck can interfere with nerves ability to send and receive messages vital for health, causing numbness,  weakness  or discomfort in the arms and hands.

The neck is a very important part of the body to take care of.  I particularly recommend Cranial sacral therapy to deal with neck problems as it is gentle form of massage and highly effective at releasing  trauma stored in the neck for long lasting relief from the cause and not just addressing the pain itself has caused. Car accidents and whiplash are common, falling from bikes or horses , heavy knocks as children and even trauma from birth such as baby being jammed  posterior in the birth canal can be the underlying cause of neck pain.  Remedial massage and Kinesiology can also offer solutions to your neck pain


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